About Us

 Since its inception in the year 1995, we at the Reliance Law Firm have strived for excellence, commitment and quality.




Today Reliance Law Firm stands as a hallmark in the legal sector, gaining national and international recognition for our exceptional work. Our transformational journey over time can be best ascertained through the testimonials of innumerable satisfied clients who have availed of our services.

Our ability to work in conjunction with our clients as reliable advisors and facilitators of growth within an assortment of complex legal frameworks has helped us expand as captains in our field. Committed to delivering outstanding legal solutions, we stand proud as pioneers in our field with the capability of providing cutting edge legal solutions under the most challenging circumstances.


Founded by Senior Advocate Mr Purna Man Shakya in 1985 and registered formally in 1995, Reliance Law Firm has diversified and expanded its area of practice into all major arenas of law.

With a degree from the Columbia Law School, Mr Shakya left no stone unturned in creating a solution-based law firm that prides itself on providing the best quality services to fulfil client’s objectives.

Under his guidance, Reliance Law Firm has transformed into a leading firm with an international reputation. The firm has an array of trained lawyers with expertise in various fields of law, thus imbibing a dynamic and collaborative work culture with an independent streak of creativity and commitment in providing high-quality services to clients worldwide.


We at RLF are delighted to welcome outstanding legal professionals who wish to join our Firm in its varied practice areas.

RLF has a rich culture that recognizes, cherishes and nurtures excellence and teamwork .

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