Banking and Finance

RLF focuses extensively on financial and banking institution transactions and disputes making this sector the core area of the firm’s practice. Because of experienced Banking Lawyers at the firm RLF has been recognized by Chamber 2012 and 2011: Asia Pacific as the leaders in this Sector.

Nepal’s unpredictable financial markets and unfavorable economic situation force financial and banking institutions to face significant strategic challenges as they strive to achieve the returns anticipated by their stakeholders. Therefore, a dedicated banking and financial Lawyers at RLF has been assisting and advising Leading Banking and financial institutions across the Country to help them foresee and organize for the challenges brought by the changes, both in terms of their own organizations and in terms of the services they offered by them.

RLF has represented some of the largest Commercial Banks of the country including Nepal SBI Bank, Nabil Bank, Rastra Banijya Bank, Ace Development Bank, International Development Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Lumbini Bank, Sunrise Bank etc.